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WEEKLY SHAG CONTEST FALLCabin fever? We’ve got a remedy. 🙂 Tonight’s the last night to enter our weekly shag contest sponsored by The Clothes Center! Get your dancin’ shoes on and sign up! Winners are chosen by audience applause….so bring your cheerin’ section with ya! Finals will be next Wednesday night…There are some GREAT PRIZES! Doors open at 4 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. FREE BEGINNER SHAG LESSONS from 7 to 8:30 with Jeppy…If you don’t know how, then here’s your chance! DJ Kitty Earles will be in the booth from 7 on. There’ll be plenty of time for social shaggin’. The last part of our week will be NON-STOP…startin’ with Jim Quick and COASTLINE on Thursday night to kick off the Cammy’s, DJs in both rooms…and your FUN TEAM will be workin’ overtime to make sure you have a good time. We’re bustin’ at the seams to know that this year’s Cammy’s are dedicated in memory of the Fat Man, our own Harold Bessent! We sure do miss him and know he’s lookin’ down on us with that great big SMILE! Help us CELEBRATE and let’s do this thang!

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P1250506Tuesday nights are SUPER FUN at the Fat Man’s House! Club opens at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Yippee! Hang around for FREE SHAG LESSONS with Jeppy from 7 to 8. No excuse to not learn now. 🙂 Our weekly dance contest will be held at 9:00..winner determined by applause, so hang around and clap loud for your favorite. The weekly winners will compete in a GRAND FINALE on November 17th with some GREAT PRIZES. We’re not slowin’ down just because it’s November! Keep up with what’s going on this week and weekend by checkin’ our FACEBOOK PAGE. Uncle Benny’s comin’ to town on Saturday and we’re gonna open a little earlier (at 11am) so you can get a bite to eat and somethin’ cold to drink while checkin’ out the classic cars that’ll be in our parking lot for the 5th ANNUAL CRUISE TO THE BEACH car show. Your FUN TEAM can’t wait to see ‘ya! Let’s do this thang!

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2015 Fat Harolds CSAHappy Labor Day Weekend! We hope you will stop by this weekend and enjoy our Labor Day Shag Contest. This is something that was started years ago and The Fat Man wanted it to continue. The only difference is it is CSA! Lil’ Tommy Hamrick will be in the booth for the contest. Good Music, Good Shag! Come down and support our “Shag”! Contest starts at 9pm Friday and Saturday nights! Don’t want to watch? You want to dance? OK!!!! The back room will be open and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be back there Friday night and DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be back there Saturday! See, we can make everybody “Happy”! Let us all have a safe and wonderful Holiday Weekend! Don’t forget, HOTO’s, Last day in history, Monday, Sept 7. Who’s playing??? Jim Quick, King Tyrone, Coastline!!! This will be a weekend for the books! Please say a little prayer for all of our friends working at Hoto’s, that they will find another job. It will never be the same family but God will provide! We love you bunches from The Fun Team! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning Ocean Drive!! Looks like you are alive! It’s July 4th Weekend and we invite you to Fat Harold’s Beach Club, the “Shag” Mecca of the world! Friday’s are a blast at Fat Harolds. The Shag City Grill opens at 1pm and Happy Hour starts at 4pm. Get your shoes shined up and come and dance to the music of DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris tonight at 7pm. If he doesn’t fill the floor up all night just let me know. I’ll get him a good spanking by 6 foot tall gorilla wearing a tutu! This is our first 4th without The Fat Man and he did love the 4th of July. Come out and make him proud. Saturday, The Shag City Grill will open at 1pm and we will have Happy Hour at 4pm, just like we do every day. Get yourselves lubed up for the fireworks then come back and participate or watch the Mixed Doubles Contest, a tribute contest to Our Beloved Fat Man! If you don’t care about watching or participating you can go to the back room and harass Mama Brenda and dance like Nobody’s Watching! There is NO COVER CHARGE and NO ENTRY FEE for the Contest. It’s gonna be a good one. Brother Jerry and Jammin Jimmy and who knows who else will be in the house laying down some music. It’s the 4th of July, you are supposed to celebrate our FREEDOM, while we still have some left! I bet Harold will gather up George, Thomas and the boys and say “Grab a Miller Lite and come over here. I want you to see how my people celebrate our Independence. If not for you boys, they wouldn’t have ever been able to do the “Shag”! On Sunday, we will open at 4pm for Happy Hour and Terry will have a surprise for you when she gets in! Come see what it is! I guess it’s time to go make some doughnuts and sprinkle them with glitter! May you always have shells in your pockets and sand in your shoes! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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keepers 2015We have a great week in store for you. We are going to start out with Mama Brenda opening up with HAPPY HOUR on Monday at 4pm and heading for the finish line on Sunday!
MONDAY: Club opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. At 7pm, Judy Duke takes to the floor for Shag Lessons. Just $10 per person.
TUESDAY: Club opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. At 7pm, Jeppy and Miss Nikki will teach you the Shag for FREE! DJ David Harris will be in the booth!
WEDNESDAY: Customer Appreciation all day long! This is one of the most fun nights of the week. DJ Milton White is your maestro for the evening.
THURSDAY: Club opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. At 7pm, Jeanette teaches you the new line dances for FREE. DJ Kitty Earles is in the booth!
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: We open at 11am. All you Keepers come out and practice and have lunch. Yes this is the Keepers of the Dance Weekend. This is my favorite contest of the year. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm booth days. DJ Stevie B will be in the booth from 4 until 7pm on Saturday. Contest starts at 9pm on Friday and 8pm on Saturday. Guest DJ is Butch Metcalf. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be playing in the back room Friday and DJ David Harris on Saturday. Lets have a ball ya’ll. You don’t get much better dancing than this.
SUNDAY: Club opens at 4pm. Happy Hour from 4 until 7pm. DJ Stevie B from 4 until 7pm!
Have a wonderful and blessed week and don’t ever forget. You haven’t been to the beach unless you been to Fat Harold’s! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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CSA Shag Contest 2014


Pictures from the CSA Shag Contest August 29 and 30th, 2014
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laborday-shag-2014TGIF! Yes, that’s a great feeling isn’t it? Beach time, shag time and our first CSA Labor Day Shag Contest! Please see the flyer on the website for more info. Our guest DJ is Butch Metcalf coming in from the big city of Greensboro. Please come out and join us this weekend. I will be back on Monday with your daily updates. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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