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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESGotta love Mondays! A fresh start to a new week and a clean slate ready to fill with good times! Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Come on out and work on your shag tonight with Judy Duke. Beginner to Advanced shag lessons startin’ at 7. Judy and her crew will be here to get you started with your basics or teach some new steps to add to what you already know. No partner required…$10 per person. These guys can take you from wallflower to wow-power on the dance floor. Check it out and join in! Don’t forget to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE where we’ll keep you posted on all upcomin’ events and schedules. We aim to please and give you a home away from home in Ocean Drive.

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESWow! What a FANtastic Mid-Winter SOS! Thanks to ALL of the FUN people who showed up at the Fat Man’s House to give us more GOOD TIMES and smilin’ faces. Good times with friends, old and new, is what it’s all about. Our DJs worked their butts off and the bands outdid themselves. The prize of prizes has to go to Jim Quick…Who introduced a NEW talent…Interior decorating! Who’da thunk it? jim quick interior decorator Jim showed up last night with his Graveyard Ramblers and totally re-set the front stage with a total ambience of soft light and homey atmosphere. Ambience? Did you ever think you’d hear Jim Quick and ambience in the same sentence? Thanks to the acceptance and understanding of his wife, Crystal, Jim took her lamps and patio lights from home and dressed the front stage…Giving it the feelin’ that he was singin’ and dancin’ at home. HGTV, WATCH OUT! There’s a new star on the rise! LOL Now that Monday’s here it’s time to get serious about your dancin’. Judy Duke and her crew will be teachin’ beginner to advanced shag lessons tonight startin’ at 7. No partner required, $10 per person. Come on out and learn our state dance from the basics or add some pizzazz to what you already know. Club opens at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. What better place to spend a Monday night than the Fat Man’s House?

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESWe’re geared up for a BIG WEEK at Fat Harold’s! The beach is kinda cold but you can warm up tonight and learn some hot new shag steps with Judy Duke and her crew. Beginner to Advanced shag lessons start at 7…$10 per person…No partner required. Nobody’s cold when they’re dancin’. And if you’re gonna dance you might as well look good doin’ it. Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Mid-Winter SOS is almost here and we’re gonna crank it up this Wednesday with a JUMPSTART PARTY! FREE HOT DOGS around 6:30 and DJ Jimmy Buffkin is gonna be in the booth at 7 settin’ the tone for a FABulous Mid-Winter SOS startin’ on Thursday. If you don’t already have your SOS card you can get yours here at the Fat Man’s House. See any of your FUN TEAM and they’ll set you up. Check out our FACEBOOK page for full schedule and updates. Yes, Oh, Yes! Party at the Fat Man’s house where we aim to please. It’s gonna be a GOOD TIME!

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merry christmas y'all #3Christmas will be here before you know it! The Club is decorated…Christmas parties all around…Ugly Christmas sweaters are showin’ up everywhere on the beach! There’s still time to get some shag lessons under your belt for the next party. Judy Duke’s shag class is tonight at 7 with beginner to advanced lessons. Judy and her elves will put you in the best class for your comfort. No partner required…$10 per person. Come on out a little early and meet your classmates. Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. christmas-party-customer-app Our special elf, Jack, is in the house and ready to get things rollin’ for our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION CHRISTMAS PARTY this Wednesday night. Wear your Christmas colors and let’s party! Hot dogs for everybody at 6:30 and lots of fun on the dance floor. This is one of your FUN TEAM’s favorite parties of the year. Check out our FACEBOOK page for complete details. Don’t forget to help those less fortunate by droppin’ off unwrapped kid’s toys and pet supplies in our donation boxes located in our front lobby. It feels good to GIVE! The Christmas season is now officially rollin’ at the Fat Man’s House!

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESHappy Monday! We’ve got a FUN week lined up for ‘ya this Thanksgiving week! Startin’ off tonight with SHAG LESSONS by Judy Duke and her crew. Beginner through Advanced…start at 7…no partner required..$10 per person. Time to get your dance on for the holidays! Club opens at 4 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Lots of folks comin’ onto the beach for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll be open on Thanksgiving night startin’ at 7. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be on hand to play some of your favorite shag tunes to help you dance off those holiday feast calories. Come on out and join us! Stay safe on the roads…whether you’re comin’ or goin’ this week. Not everybody will be spending Turkey Day with their family so come and spend it with your Fat Harold’s family. This Friday night we’ll be hostin’ the EDDIE MONSOUR MEMORIAL MIXED DOUBLES contest, raisin’ money for the HALL OF FAME FOUNDATION. Also known as the Dewey Kennedy Scholarship Mixed Doubles, it’s been renamed for this year’s contest to honor the late Eddie Monsour…a friend to all and in the hearts of many. This is a FUN and popular contest and we hope you’ll attend. We’ll also have DJ Claude Collins in the Back Room for those that want to get their own dance on. Don’t forget that our NEW YEAR’S PACKAGE tickets are now on sale. Space is limited and we usually sell out. There’s a printable reservation form here on our website or you can pick one up at the club. Check out our FACEBOOK page for more information and other upcoming events and schedules. Your FUN TEAM is THANKFUL for each and every one of our customers. We’re THANKFUL that the Fat Man’s House is still goin’ strong…and we’re THANKFUL for the good times!

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESThe holidays are fast approaching and now’s the time to learn your shag basics or some new steps. Shag classes tonight at 7 with Instructor Judy Duke…No partner required…$10 per person. Judy and her crew have beginner through advanced classes every Monday and we guarantee no disappointments! They’ll have you stylin’ on the dance floor in plenty of time for your holiday parties. Come on out and get your shag on! Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. We now have drop boxes set up in the lobby for the annual YACHTS FOR TOTS toy drive and also for the local ANIMAL SHELTER. Please be generous this year and bring an unwrapped toy for the kids or food, blankets or toys for the animals. Y’all always come through and we love ‘ya for it!

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESMake Monday a FUN day with beginner to advanced shag lessons with Judy Duke and her team of helpers. Whether it’s startin’ off with the basics or new steps to style on the dancefloor, Judy’s got you covered! Class starts at 7…No partner required…$10 per person. Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Come on out early to get your liquid courage up, sign up for the correct class…and meet your classmates. Excitement is buildin’ for the CBMA’s this week. We’ll get started on Wednesday so stay tuned to our FACEBOOK PAGE for DJ and band schedules…and a few other FUN things we’ve got planned for ‘ya.

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESMondays always roll around a tad too fast! Must be all the fun we have on the weekends? Good thing about Monday is the opportunity to take beginner through advanced shag classes with Judy Duke! Classes start at 7…no partner required…$10 per person. Come on down to the Fat Man’s House and learn our state dance or add some new steps and style to what you already know. FUN class, GREAT instructor! Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. We’re gettin’ ready for HALLOWEEN…Don’t forget our annual BOO BASH Halloween party on Saturday the 29th of October. Always a good time, there will be prizes for best costumes. Take plenty of photos and send ’em to us! Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for event flyers and updates for all that we have goin’ on at Fat Harold’s Beach Club…Your home away from home in Ocean Drive!

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESOnce again, Monday has rolled around. And that means it’s time for shag classes with instructor Judy Duke. This is a very popular class for beginner to advanced dancers. Starts at 7 with no partner required. $10 per person. A great class to learn your basics…brush up on what you already know…or add a new step with some pizzazz. Club opens at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Come early to meet your classmates and let your instructors decide which class you need to be in. Thanks for a great weekend at Fat Harold’s with the CSA Contest. For a complete list of winners check out our FACEBOOK PAGE. For those new to our area, please keep a close eye on Hurricane Matthew. It never hurts to prepare early. Although we’re lookin’ at late week for any indication of impact to our area, don’t wait too late to stock up on bread and milk! Take our advice and be sure to have plenty of batteries on hand and gas for your grill. Oh….and peanut butter!

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESWe kick off SOS this Wednesday with a Jumpstart party in both rooms…FREE HOT DOGS..and FREE FUN! Get ready for SOS with some last minute steps or learn your basic tonight with Judy Duke and her fantastic helpers. Beginner to Advanced, $10 per person, no partner required. Let Judy and the gang build up your confidence on the dance floor with some new footwork! Judy will have a workshop during SOS, but her weekly Monday night class will not be held next week. They will continue after SOS. Club will open today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for an action packed SOS schedule at the Fat Man’s House. Put this Wednesday on your calendar for our JUMPSTART PARTY which is our way of gettin’ ready for the 10 whirlwind days of SOS. We’ll be postin’ daily schedules every morning but you can plan ahead just by checkin’ our schedules out on FACEBOOK. Yes, Oh, Yes..It’s almost SOS. And your FUN TEAM is stocked up and stoked to help you have the best one yet!

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