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4.17 2We’re into SOS Spring Safari Day 3…Can ‘ya handle it? Club and Shag City Grill open today at 10 with lots in store for ONE DAY! DJ Ken Jones will play in the Front Room from Noon to 5 with the ANNUAL RON & TINY’S SHOOTER PARTY in the Back Room. Proceeds from the Shooter Party will benefit the Fat Man’s favorite charity CAMP KEMO. Bittersweet since we lost Ron last year…but the party will keep goin’ on. TOO MUCH SYLVIA will be playing on stage from 2 to 6 in the Front Room…They are FABulous! DJ David Harris will be playin’ the Front Room from to 5 to 9 and DJ Larry Edwards will be in the Back Room. Closin’ us out for Day 3 will be DJ John Hall in the Front Room and DJ Betty Brown in the Back Room from 9..’til you close us down! Your FUN TEAM is just gettin’ started….Can YOU keep up?

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Ron and Tiny ‘s 20th Shooter Party Pics

Thank Jim Allen for all you do for Fat Harold’s Beach Club

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Sunday SOS – Shooter Party!



Sunday at the Fat Man’s House and guess who is throwing a party in the back room! Ron and Tiny’s Famous Shooter Party is happening at 1-5 – Come get your shirt! Party with Ron, Tiny, Lamar and Johnny B. Its going to be a party! Get to Harold’s Today – Check out the DJs! Can you smell the Cheesburgers coming off the grill? You betcha we are are ready for you to come back to the home of the Fat Man! See you at 11 AM!

Get the Schedule on your phone – Text ‘fatharolds’ to 75000
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