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customer appreciation christmas flyerIt’s here! Jack’s cookin’ chicken bog all day today to be served to YOU tonight at 6:30! Join us for the annual FAT HAROLD’S CUSTOMER APPRECIATION CHRISTMAS PARTY! Come on in at 4 for HAPPY HOUR that’ll last all night long! Your FUN TEAM loves their customers and they’re ready to party you hard tonight. Wear somethin’ festive and try to bring an unwrapped toy for our Yachts For Tots box…or donation to our local Humane Society. Come get your belly filled with chicken bog and holiday libations…then you can dance it off with “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin playin’ your favorite tunes. Yessirree, Bob! WE ARE READY TO PAR-TAY! Let’s get in the Christmas spirit!

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The Weekend at The Fat Man’s House!

FAT HAROLDS PHOTOHAPPY WEEKEND! Time to get your partying on at The Fat Man’s House. NO COVER CHARGE! Just dance until your feet fall off and you won’t feel a thing if you keep those libations flowing. GUARANTEE!!! We open today at 1pm with The Shag City Grill starting out the day. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm daily! Friday nite DJ’s are,(drumroll), “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in the front room and DJ Claude Collins in the back room. We are going to be the Boogie captial of the world this winter by adding an array of DJ’s on Friday’s and Saturday’s to the back room. Some of your fav’s. Come see!!! Shag Central is about to get on with it! Saturday’s DJ is The Reverend Jerry Franklin in the front room and we have a private party in the back room. Sunday is Terry and Miss Ethel! Let’s get this weekend cranked up. We are ready, ARE YOU? Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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This Week at The Fat Man’s House

beach musicIt’s Monday and time to let you know what’s going on around here. MONDAY………We open at 4pm with Mama Brenda serving up your favorite cocktails. The grill is NOT open, so you better get a bite before you get here. 7pm is the magic time although! Judy Duke takes to the dance floor with all of the energy of a sixteen year old teaching you how to SHAG! There is a $10 charge per person. DJ Kitty Earles will be in the booth helping Judy as well as playing as long as you can keep her here. TUESDAY……We open at 4pm and The Shag City Grill is open. Jeppy and Miss Nikki teach FREE Shag Lessons at 7pm and this week they are accompanied by DJ David Harris in the booth. WEDNESDAY……..CUSTOMER APPRECIATION NIGHT….bring it on down to The Fat Man’s House for some mid-week fun and shag dancing. We have HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY LONG! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth packing the floor. THURSDAY………It’s LINE DANCE Class for FREE…taught by the beaches BEST LINE DANCER, Jeanette Stanley. She starts at 7pm and gets you revved up for a great night of not only Line Dance but Shagging afterwards. She will give you a WORK OUT! This weeks DJ is DJ David Harris! “HEY BOY”! TGIF!!!!! It’s FRIDAY….We open for lunch at 11am. PORK CHOPS are on the grill every Friday with different sides and Sweet Ice Tea! Happy Hour is 4pm until 7pm and then it’s time for The Friday Nite Dance Party featuring DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. He can fill a dance floor. NO JOKE! Come see! We also welcome The HOFF Al Cain Golf Tournament players. Come sign up to play in this tournament. Light refreshments will be served and the Bar in the back room will be open for your convenience. 7 until 10pm. SATURDAY……..The grill opens again for one of those fabulous Cheeseburgers or a Blackened Bologna Sandwich. Try our FF…best on the beach! Happy Hour is from 4pm until 7pm and it’s another night of shag dancing and romancing with DJ Gene Sistare. Gene is a great DJ and we just love it when he comes this way to play. Don’t forget that the OD SHAG CLUB June Party starts at 6pm! These people are wild and FUN! Come get in on the mayhem. SUNDAY…….We are back to opening at 4 on Sunday, no need competing with Ole Mr. Sun. We realized this a long time ago! Terry cranks up Happy Hour at 4pm and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing the music. This night has become a fun, laid back night, full of dancing to some of the music that made The Shag, The Shag. Come on down for a while. You know you want to! Well that’s all folks! Until next week or if I have time or something of importance comes up, I might pop in from time to time. You never know when I might appear. I might have some big news before the weekend! You better stay on your toes and check back frequently. As always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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weargreenA St. Patty’s Celebration at it’s finest. We will start the day out with The Beer Cart opening at the crack of dawn, or at least it’s going to feel like it. I haven’t poured a draft beer in a while but will attempt to do so this Saturday morning when Brian and I (Lulu) will entertain you and try to get you a little snockered at the Beer Wagon. Big Ron and Jim will be at the grill cookin up some burgers and bologna for you to munch on and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will play some of his great tunes to keep you jumpin all day until SEA CRUZ hits the stage at 4pm. That right SEA CRUZ is going to throw down at four so come on in tha door. No cover, bring your lover and have the time of your life right here at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. They will play until 8pm and DJ Gary Bass will finish out the night in the booth. This is a spectacular day at Fat Harold’s and everyone seems so fresh and frisky. Must be the Leprechaun coming out in them!!! Follow that rainbow to the pot-o-gold located at 212 Main Street in North Myrtle Beach affectionately known as The Fat Man’s House. We’ll be waiting on you. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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An Irish Customer Appreciation!

david-harrisIt’s Customer Appreciation Night and what do we always do on the Wednesday night before St. Patrick’s Day? We have Corned Beef and Cabbage in the back room. Jack is here and cooking up some great Irish Food. Don’t eat before you come cause he’s got plenty of food and he’s cooking all day long. Everybody’s welcome. When you get your belly’s full then you can dance it off to the music of DJ David Harris. Maybe Jeanette will even be here to lead you in a couple of line dances. Wednesday nites are always the nite to meet up with your bestest buddies and have some fun. Just come tonite with an empty tummy. Everyone is back to work and gearing up for a fantastic season. Come show them some love cause they have plenty stored up for you. Reminder: St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Saturday morning, 9am. The streets so might park near main street close promptly at 8:20. Get in before then. We will be here when you get here. Signing out from the swamp…Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Dance Like Yo Mamma Did!!!!

DANCERSThe club is opening today at 3pm and we have something NEW! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is going to climb in the DJ Booth and play all of your favorite “OLD” Songs so you can “Dance Like Yo Mamma Did”! Lil Terry will be your bartender. This will last until 7pm when DJ David Harris will close the evening out. Come on out and play this afternoon. What else is there to do? This could be a really, really fun time if YOU show up. We’ve got the goods, NOW, all we need is YOU. Come support another brainchild of the FUN TEAM! Signing out from the swamp…LOVE You, MEAN It!

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SEA CRUZ, tonite, 9pm until 1pm!

The club opens today at 11am. Lulu is preparing Grilled Chicken Taco Salads with her secret dressing. It’s something that you mind find on a SEA CRUZ. Oh, speaking of SEA CRUZ, they will be in The Fat Man’s House tonite. Come early and get a seat, stay late and dance, dance, dance to one of our house DJ’s getting down in the booth. The Fun Team will provide the drinks, food and fun. You will feel right at home at Fat Harold’s and we intend to keep it that way. So come on out and show your support for SEA CRUZ, at club favorite on stage this evening. You will have a ball, YA’LL! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Are You Ready for the WEEKEND?

Are you ready for the weekend? The guys in this picture are. DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! Isn’t that why you come to the beach? To come to Fat Harold’s and do that dance. “THE SHAG”. Pork chops are featured in the Shag City Grill today, served up with some rice/gravy, green beans, cornbread, tea or soda! Yum! The day moves on with The Bored Meeting at 4pm, followed by DJ Milton White heating up the parking lot with his hot music. Come grab a cold one, sit under the umbrellas and listen to Milton. Then it’s the Fun Team entertaining you this evening along with DJ Lanny Elmore at 7pm, followed by DJ “Jammin Jimmy” Buffkin at 10pm to close out the evening. If you want to “Shag”, Fat Harold’s is your place. Have a good day and LOVE you, Mean IT!

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We open the doors at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. Hamburger Steak with Grilled Onions, FF, slaw, hushpups and tea or soda is the lunch special today. Served from 11am until 2pm and then it’s our wonderful menu after that. The Bored Meeting (aka) Happy Hour starts at 4pm and lasts until 7pm. Come early to get your table and get juiced up for JIM QUICK & COASTLINE who will hit the stage at 8pm! DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be your DJ for dancing in between sets. WOW, what a day we have planned for you. Get your chores done, hit the beach, do your SOS’s and get on in here for one HECK of a show. Have a good one and Love YOU, Mean IT!



It’s CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY at FAT HAROLD’S BEACH CLUB, ALL DAY LONG! That means we will appreciate you all day long with special drink prices! Come and have some cold libations, eat lunch or dinner and dance your little hearts out to the music of DJ Lanny Elmore. The doors will open at 11am and Lulu is fixing bacon and cheese quesadillas with all the trimmings in The Shag City Grill today. This meal includes tea or soda too! Just $6.50. Wouldn’t an ice cold Corona be good with this? Just sayin….The Fun Team will be on board to take care of you this evening and forever if you will let us! Have a wonderful day and Love YOU, Mean IT!

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