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Safe Travels Home


Thank you so much for visiting Fat Harold’s Beach Club during this SOS Fall Migration. We hope you had a great time and look forwarding to seeing you next time you are back at the beach.

If you are still hanging around the beach this evening, come out and party with Jammin Jimmy Buffkin. He will play your requests and spin those dancing and shaggin’ tunes for you.

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Sunday – Camp Kemo Day

The first Sunday of SOS Fall Migration at Fat Harold’s Beach Club is going to be another big one.. This is the day that we get together to make sure we get these kids to camp. The Camp Kemo Fundraiser Benefit Auction is today from 1-5. Ron and Tiny’s Shooter Party is in the back room. Get back there and get your t-shirt. After the benefit, one of the hottest bands coming on to the scene is Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band. They are one of the staff’s favorite groups. Just ask Shannon and Lulu how good they are! You will love the horns and the fun they bring to the home of the Fat Man – Big Day! The grill is open at 11AM – See you at Harold’s!


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Happy Sunday Friends!

Its Sunday – the first day of December. Thanks for coming out last night! We hope you had a great time at the home of the Fat Man! The Club opens at 4PM today – Come on out and hang out at Fat Harold’s Beach Club!

We hope you are planning to join us at the need of the month for 5 days and 4 nights of Beach Music and Shagging FUN!
Come get Leid at the Fat Man’s!