Lets-ShagIt’s Wednesday and boy what a cold snap we’ve had. My fingers were frozen along with my water pump so I do apologize for no blogs on Monday and Tuesday. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! The grill opens today for lunch and Jackie will warm your belly, so come on in and see what she has conjured up! Today is her Rachel Ray Day! Customer Appreciation Day is ALL DAY LONG and I hear there is going to be a heat wave coming so get those shoes ready to burn up the dance floor tonite! Next Wednesday will be a little more packed with Mid-Winter SOS’s Jump Start Party so you need to come out tonight and get yourselves prepared for next week. DJ Jammin Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth providing your “Shag” dance music. Check out the calendar for the month of January on the website. It is full of good stuff. Look and see. Got to get down the road and do a little work to prepare for your arrival. See ya when you get here! Love YOU, Mean IT!