CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYERWhat does Wednesday mean at Fat Harold’s?  A never-ending Customer Appreciation Day, LIVE remote from the club, HOT music and good eats!  And don’t forget smilin’ faces!  Wednesday is CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY and it’s set up for YOU!

Club and Shag City Grill open at 4 and the FUN begins.  Customer Appreciation Day starts and doesn’t end.  Your FUN TEAM is locked and loaded to guarantee some GOOD TIMES for ‘ya.  The grill will be fired up and ready to serve somethin’ good to eat, especially our World Famous baloney sammiches…hand cut, thick and fried just right.

94.9 The Surf radio will be in the house with a LIVE REMOTE, sendin’ hot music and shenanigans throughout the airwaves.  DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth at 7, teamed up with the Surf DJ Jason “The Judge” Justice for an evening of beach music and laughter.

Come early and settle in for a mid-week party just for YOU!