david-harrisHappy Wednesday to you! It’s HUMP DAY, so hump on down to Fat Harold’s for a nite of dancing and mingling with your friends. Our Customers are most important to us and we aim to show you a great time. The club opens at 4pm with Debbie as your hostess, joined by Shannon around 6pm! DJ David Harris will be in the booth, throwing down, as usual! We hope you can come out for our little soiree tonite and don’t forget about the REUNION on Saturday. Bring a little extra cash to help David Townsend out of his deep hospital bill hole. Check out the website www.fatharolds.com and check out the website calendar. It has been updated through the month of February. If there is something that you would like added to it. That is legitimate of course, send us a shout out and we will add it. Enjoy this beautiful day that has been given us cause I hear it’s gonna get pretty nasty this evening. Please be safe in your travels! Signing out from the swamp….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!