gary-bassGood morning! I hope that everyone is warm and safe. What a weather day yesterday was across our shagging communities. It is cold at the beach too, but, NO SNOW! Main Street was actually “hot” last nite with all of the activities going on. Tonight will be no different. DJ Gary Bass will take over the DJ booth at 7pm and there will be dancing all night long. Before we get to all of the shagging, Mama Brenda opens the grill for The Board Meeting promptly at 4pm! Try one of her delicious Cheeseburgers. IF you think it’s too cold to go outside just think about Kahlua and coffee or Bailey’s and coffee or any warm drink you can come up with. They will warm up that spirit inside of you and make those little feet move again. We hope to see you at The Fat Man’s House tonite. We try to provide a little bit of everything for everybody, so don’t get mad when we have a band or don’t have a band. Everybody gets to play in The Fat Man’s game and that is the way it should be. Don’t forget we are open for everyone. We never have a cover charge unless it is a special weekend when we are contracted to a special group who controls what we do at the door. Otherwise, we never charge locals or anybody else for that matter at the door. Signing out from the swamp…LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!