Today is going to be an exciting day and nite at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! SOS cards are on sale at the front door. We are starting out with Pork Chop Sandwiches. I know it’s Thursday but if you want Pork Chops this week, it has to be today. Come and get them while you listen to DJ Ray Scott. is doing a live remote today in The Shag City Grill from 1pm until 5pm. Come in eat a chop, drink a beer and get on the radio. This is going to be fun. But don’t run out of energy cause The Craig Woolard Band hits the stage tonite. This is one great band. I think one word sums them up…ENERGY….they have found the fountain of youth my friends. Wish they would bottle it and sell it. I’ll even name it for them CWBeetleJuice. hehehe Let’s get ready and get out of the house or hotel and get in to something today. I know I will see you later. The FUN TEAM loves you, The Fatman says “Hello” and “Let’s Party”! Love you, Mean IT!