Good Morning FB friends. We sure hope you are all doing absolutely terrific this morning. We have a great Thursday planned for you. Starting out with Lunch with Lulu. Chicken and Pastry, steamed cabbage, tea or soda is on the menu for today. HH is 4 until 7pm! Free Hotdogs will be served at 7pm and then you get to dance to the music of DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris. The girls, Shannon and Debbie will be in control of the booz. Sounds like fun to me! The Grill is closed on Thursday nites until March 1st but we will have FREE HOTDOGS! Exciting things in the plans for the future. Watch out you just might be in them. Make sure you check the website everyday or you just might miss something. You can also sign up for our email and have What’s Happening delivered right to you email inbox! Share this with a friend that rarely gets to come to the beach so that they might get a little salt air through the web! Have a wonderful day my friends. Love YOU, Mean IT!