david-harrisIt’s Tuesday and you know what that means. FREE SHAG LESSONS at 7pm! For all of you Snowbirds that would love to learn to shag and meet some really nice people, come out to Fat Harold’s tonite and take the FREE SHAG LESSONS from Jeppy McDowell. Jeppy has been teaching for eons! He is one of the best teachers and they are FREE! Why not? What else are you going to do on a Tuesday nite? But first Terry has to unlock the doors at 4pm so you can come in and get your courage up. Yeppers, Terry can really get your courage up! You don’t need anything special and you don’t even need a partner. You will learn the basics and meet new friends. Come and try it. You will not be disappointed. When you finish your lessons, hang around and try out those new steps with one of our house DJ’s, DJ David Harris! David will start playing right after the lessons and play until you get blisters on your feet, but don’t worry, Nurse Terry has plenty of bandaids and pain-killers;) Don’t forget about the BIG REUNION on Saturday and The DAVID TOWNSEND BENEFIT! Doors open at 11am. STEVE PETHEL & BAND will start at 2pm. Coming events…KEEPERS OF THE DANCE…February 8th & 9th (Tommy Hamrick will play the front room and Betty Brown will play the back room)…FAT HAROLD’S BEACH MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA for THE HALL OF FAME FOUNDATION…February 17th…SHAG DANCING at it’s FINEST ESTABLISHMENT…EVERYDAY…4pm until closing! The FAT MAN really knows how to throw a party so don’t miss out on anything! Let’s give them something to talk about! Signing out from the swamp…LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!