The Fun Team would like to invite you all to another Mid-Winter SOS Meet. The early birds had a wonderful time last night at the kick-off party. Fat Harold, Shannon and Joy have a great weekend planned for you. Check our website or Fat Harolds Facebook Page for the details. The club opens today at 11am. Shannon ordered plenty of bologna for Lulu and Ronnie (daytime) and Shannon & Sean (night time) to cook for you in The Shag City Grill. The rest of the crew Shannon, Debbie, Terry, Brenda, Justin, Deanna, Jason, Danny and the door people, our wonderful DJ’s, Jack, Miss Shirley, Doug, and our Xtra helpers will man the other bars and are excited about your arrival. We hope everyone has a safe trip and a great time when you get here. Thanks for everything and lets make this Mid-Winter event the BEST YET! See ya in a little while!