david-harrisHappy Saturday, Ya’ll! Did everybody have a good time last night? Are you ready for another fun night at The Fat Man’s House? Then get all of your chores done early today and come on out for The Board Meeting at 4pm with Mama Brenda. The rest of The Fun Team will be on their way shortly to provide you with a wonderful evening. Guess who is in the DJ booth tonite? It’s Hey Boy! Yeppers, DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris is playing that staying on the dance floor kind of music starting at 7pm. Remember to come and get your dance on tonite cause you may not be able to find a spot on a dance floor in OD next weekend. Don’t forget to ask you bartender about your Shag Tag. Buy yourself a spot on one of The Fat Man’s Bars and go down in History! You can even pick out exactly where you want to put it, but, if you don’t go ahead and do it now someone else might get your place. We sold several tags at Camp Kemo, then we had a trial run on sales at a reduced price to see if they would sell, and now, since Shannon has determined it’s a go, they have gone to full price. Small tags are $25 dollars and large tags are $50. They are beautiful gold plates with what you choose to be engraved on them. Then you choose where you want to put it. Cool huh? Hurry up and get yours today and let’s make The Fat Man’s House pretty and GOLDEN! Just ask your Bartender about it! Time to hit the road and get some work done…signing out until tomorrow….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!