P1250506Yep..It’s Tuesday and we’re gonna help you learn our state dance, the SHAG, tonight…for FREE! Instructor Jeppy McDowell will be on hand to give you a little history of our dance and get you started with the basics. No more sittin’ on the sidelines wathchin’…You’ll be able to hit the hardwood and join in on the dance that’s kept North Myrtle Beach alive. Class starts at 7, no partner required…and it won’t cost you a penny. Club opens at 4 today with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Come on out a little early and meet your classmates. After the class DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth playin’ plenty of good music for you to dance to. Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE to keep up with all upcomin’ events and schedules. It’s a good day to come out and play…and Fat Harold’s welcomes you to join us for some GOOD TIMES!