milton-whiteAre you ready for a great weekend? Well you better be cause it’s HERE! The club opens at 4pm today with Mama Brenda as your Board Meeting Leader. Come down and help solve the world’s problems and have a few brews or cocktails. This is a most interesting part of the day, especially Friday. The rest of the girls, Shannon, Terry and Debbie, trickle in over the next few hours and then it’s dance party time! DJ Milton White is in the booth tonite! His music is somewhat, FANTASTIC! If you don’t have a special someone to shag with, I’m sure Jeanette will be around to lead those line dances. We have a little bit of everything for your enjoyment. Not to mention the very best bartenders on the planet! Locals come and get your fix tonite cause you know what next weekend is…MID-WINTER…and that dance floor will be invisible. It’s a cloudy day in the swamp as I get ready for my trip to the beach. Hope you have sunshine and warm weather today wherever you are. Be safe, get ready for the weekend and be good…or good at it! Just wanted to let you know that most of your emails and all of your blogs are written with much love and lots of shaggin by Lulu! Bo does some of them but after hearing one of the customers say “I got the email from Bo today”, I decided to reveal myself to share some of the credit for something at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Bo the Web Guy does a fantastic job on the website and when we need some special pictures or designs added he’s right there at the end of the text, waiting to be the helpful person that he is. Love YOU, BO, and THANK YOU for all that you do! When you see (LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!) at the end of your email, post, update or blog you’ll know I MEAN IT! This is Fat Harold’s Lulu, signing out……LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!