LINE DANCEGood Morning and we at Fat Harold’s sure do hope you had a “large” time with us during our New Year’s Celebration. We had a ball and sure do appreciate all of our regular customers, entertainers, and those of you who just stumbled upon Fat Harold’s. Today we will open at 11am and Jackie has a big pot of Vegetable Soup on. Jackie has some mean veggie soup, so come and get you some. We have Customer Appreciation Day at 4pm and it last until 7pm when Jeanette will teach you a new line dance. DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be in the booth providing the best of the best in beach, shag and line dance music. Come on out locals. You have your club back! hee, hee! Let’s start this year out the right way by bringing yourselves back home to the best Beach Music Club on the planet. We love you and will take care of you. And that’s not a threat, that’s a promise! Have a great day and be safe in this nasty weather. Love YOU, Mean IT!