milton-whiteWe have come to another Monday in this great ole world. The weeks pass by so rapidly. Mama said they would after you reached a certain age and by golly she was right! Well I don’t think that is going to stop this ship from going full throttle ahead. The club will open at 4pm with Mama Brenda as your captain. She will take you to places only the meek are afraid to go. With her wit, her conversation and those good margaritas, oh, and her Board Meeting horderves you just simply can’t go wrong. Judy Duke, one of the premier dance instructors on the East Coast will show you a move or 12 on the dance floor tonite. 7pm sharp! Just bring yourself, you don’t need a partner. She is also available for private lessons if you are a little shy! DJ Milton White will be helping her with the music end of the lessons and when she is finished he will continue to play as long as you dance and drink. Don’t forget we are still on winter prices. $2.50 domestic beers, $3.50 house brands and PBR’s for $1.50. The grill will not be open tonite so get you a bite to eat before you come. Make plans to attend Fat Harold’s Reunion Party on Saturday afternoon. This is going to be a blast as we all roast each other and even a PIG! It is also a fundraiser for our friend and ex-co-worker David Townsend. As most of you know, David has worked for Harold practically the whole time he has been living here. Can we say 25+ years? Don’t know exactly. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and they removed one of his lungs. No insurance, no nothing and Fat Harold and Bill Whaley got their heads together to do something for David. We decided to combine this with our Reunion because just about all of you know David and he is part of The Fat Harold’s Family. Just looking over the list of some that are coming, this is going to be a good one. Can’t wait. Everyone is invited that worked for Harold somewhere along the line or just loves Fat Harold as all of do! If you’ve ever burnt a bridge with The Fat Man don’t worry, come on down, he is a forgiving fellow and besides this is for all of us to get together and visit, reminisce, have some cocktails, eat some pig, listen to Steve Pethel (like the old days) and pay tribute to David in some way. We look forward to seeing you all! Signing out from the swamp….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!