snow-danceWill it? Won’t it? Who knows? But we’re gonna have both rooms rockin’ tonight and here’s your chance to get your snow dance on. The weather’s startin’ to look a lot like SNOW! It may be cold outside but we’ll be warm inside with DJ Jimmy Buffkin in the Front Room and DJ Jay “JJ” Kinlaw in the Back Room playin’ some mighty fine shag tunes. Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Come on out and see if ‘ya can dance up some snow flurries for tomorrow! Get your weekend started at the Fat Man’s House and let’s see what happens. Check out our FACEBOOK page for schedules and updates. We’ll get a jump start this comin’ Wednesday on MIDWINTER SOS with our JUMPSTART PARTY…Then it’ll be nothin’ but jam-packed good times for the rest of the week. Your Fun Team is ready for whatever the weatherman throws our way this weekend. Put your shaggin’ shoes on and let’s get this snow dance started…You can do it!