david-harrisHappy Wednesday to you! Wow, some of us just had 2 wonderful days off! Rested up from a Wonderful weekend. It was so good to see so many friends, but to be honest with you, you worked our butts off! WE LOVED IT! Let’s have a Party tonite since everyone is rested up! Deb, Shannon and Sean will be working tonite. DJ David Harris is in the booth at 7pm, playing that wonderful music that he has become so famous for. Put on that warm winter coat and come on out to Fat Harold’s where the dancing will make the women glisten and the men sweat. Have a burger, grab a beer or cocktail and have healthy conversation with your friends and of course take to the dance floor. It’s still there, just a little bit more worn. Go to the website and check out the calendar of events to come, www.fatharolds.com. Sign up for the emails and have everyday delivered to your inbox (that is if I’m off or forget, which happens as we get older, hahaha)!Got to get out of the swamp and head to the beach…LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!