ray-scottThe club opens at 4pm today and we are READY for YOUR arrival! Our Jump Start Party begins when the doors open. WELCOME to SOS Mid-Winter Break 2013. The bars are stocked, the bologna is cut and our GREAT STAFF can’t wait to see YOUR smiling faces! DJ Ray Scott from the infamous yourbeachmusic.com and who has been a house DJ for years will be in the booth tonite providing you with all of your famous “Shag” songs and his wit and entertainment! Jack is back! He and Heath Brown will be fixing up those famous Jump Start FREE Hotdogs in the back room around 7:30pm and then it’s on to the dance floor. Let’s see how many people we can get on it tonite. This may be your last night to actually see a spot on the dance floor, or NOT, you never know. NO BAND tonite for YOUR dancing pleasure. Our house DJ’s Gary Bass (the leader of the pack), Milton White, David Harris, “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin, Ray Scott, Joey Warren, and Guest DJ Betty Brown will be entertaining you throughout the weekend. We have a great band line up too! CWB, Thursday nite 9-1; Jim Quick and Coastline, Friday day 1-5; Sea Cruz, Saturday day 1-5; and Steve Owens and Summertime, Sunday 4-8pm! Jim Quick and Coastline will be on the deck at HOTO’s (our sister club) on Sunday from noon until 4pm. If inclement weather they will move inside! If you get tired of bologna and cheeseburgers, don’t forget those wonderful peel and eat steamed shrimp at HOTO’s! Umm….I could eat some of those for breakfast! Also Lunch with Lulu and Big Ron on Friday and Saturday, 11am til 6pm! This will not happen as often as it has in the past, so come see us! Joy and Lulu will be slaving in the office and The Fat Man himself is coming in to work a few shifts. Danny and his crew at the door are ready to welcome you to The Fat Man’s House. We’ve got it covered, now all we need is YOU! See ya on the dance floor in a few…signing out from the swamp…LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!