JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESWow! What a FANtastic Mid-Winter SOS! Thanks to ALL of the FUN people who showed up at the Fat Man’s House to give us more GOOD TIMES and smilin’ faces. Good times with friends, old and new, is what it’s all about. Our DJs worked their butts off and the bands outdid themselves. The prize of prizes has to go to Jim Quick…Who introduced a NEW talent…Interior decorating! Who’da thunk it? jim quick interior decorator Jim showed up last night with his Graveyard Ramblers and totally re-set the front stage with a total ambience of soft light and homey atmosphere. Ambience? Did you ever think you’d hear Jim Quick and ambience in the same sentence? Thanks to the acceptance and understanding of his wife, Crystal, Jim took her lamps and patio lights from home and dressed the front stage…Giving it the feelin’ that he was singin’ and dancin’ at home. HGTV, WATCH OUT! There’s a new star on the rise! LOL Now that Monday’s here it’s time to get serious about your dancin’. Judy Duke and her crew will be teachin’ beginner to advanced shag lessons tonight startin’ at 7. No partner required, $10 per person. Come on out and learn our state dance from the basics or add some pizzazz to what you already know. Club opens at 4 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. What better place to spend a Monday night than the Fat Man’s House?