tgifWE ARE! Club and Shag City Grill open at 1 today! Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7! Our weekend perk is both rooms will be open so you can pick and choose what you can use…or use BOTH rooms in one night! DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the FRONT ROOM startin’ at 7 and DJ Jerry Burrage will be in the BACK ROOM with nuttin’ but the oldies…A little birdy told us there’s gonna be a birthday celebration in the BACK ROOM…ought to be FUN! Your FUN TEAM is ready to serve you with a smile, whether it’s libations or FOOD from the grill. We’re gonna help you have some GOOD TIMES! Lots goin’ on ths weekend on Main Street, so if you don’t start out at the Fat Man’s House, come out later and party with US! Don’t forget to keep checkin’ our FACEBOOK PAGE for updates and schedules. We’re ready to party!