sea-cruz-newGood Morning OD! What a day we have planned for you. Big Ron opens the grill and 11am and will be joined by Lulu! The rest of the Fun Team will start trickling in around noon. Judy Duke has her workshop at 10am. Shannon and Deanna don’t have to work a double today! DJ Gary Bass is in the front room noon until 5pm! SEA CRUZ graces the stage at 1pm. Come hear ya some Dino, Allie and Butch! Awesome group! Ray Scott is in the back from 2pm until 8pm and will be followed by the Little Man of Beach Music, Joey Warren, who will close the back down! DJ “Jammin Jimmy” Buffkin will dance you little feet out from 5 until 9pm in the front room, followed by DJ “Hey Boy” Harris, who will shut her down. We have FREE FOOD at 6pm! Jack and his gang of helpers will serve up some good food for your enjoyment. Get here early, cause when it’s gone, it’s gone! The Fat Man will come in to work this evening around 7pm. If you haven’t gotten a copy of his book by now, get you one and have him sign it tonite! Got to head toward the beach. Come and beat us up again today. We enjoyed it yesterday. So Good to see faces we haven’t seen in a while. Signing out from the swamp….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!