steve-owensIt’s Sunday and the last day of SOS Mid-Winter and WE ARE NOT through yet! The grill opens at 11am with Shannon Rogers and Pamalama cookin up some vittles. (OR you can head down to HOTOs) our sister club and grab you some KING TYRONE at noon. Then at 4pm be back here for the best new band in beach music, STEVE OWENS AND SUMMERTIME! They will play from 4pm until 8pm! Then we will be dancing, dancing, and dancing some more. I hope those of you who have tomorrow off will stay and play with us! Some of US, who haven’t played weekend might get to play with you a little bit! Harold, Joy, Shannon and Gary did a great job planning this weekend and you can give them an applaude but they couldn’t have done it alone, not without the wonderful staff working their fannies off, to make sure you were served as fast as possible. Our FUN TEAM is the BOMB! Just go to our website to check out what DJ’s are playing today. I do this so that you will visit our website! The calendar is very informative IF I am told ahead of time what to put on it. I hope YOU ALL had and will still have a wonderful time at The Fat Man’s House and we invite you to come back anytime. Put your shoes on and visit anytime. Signing out from the swamp…..LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!