cwb-newMid-Winter is here, literally, at the beach and in the western part of our states. Get in those cars and get down here NOW. NO SNOW, there’s a party at the beach and a little bit of snow is not going to stop me. Say this over and over and over again! OKAY now that’s done! The club opens at 11am. Lunch will be served. By 6pm all bars will be manned and the PARTY is ON. Your DJ’s for the day are as follows, Jimmy Buffkin, Milton White, Ray Scott and David Harris! Go to the website and click on the calendar to see what times they play! CWB hits the stage at 9pm and for four hours you will here one of the tightest bands on the beach music circuit. Man they can really put on a show! Love, love, love them! So get it together, get here for the BEST SOS MID-WINTER PARTY on the PLANET! We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces. Signing out from the swamp….Love YOU, MEAN IT!