quickGood Morning SOS Shag friends! Hope you got here safe and sound. For those of you who got here in the last couple of days, have you had a good time yet? Do you have holes in that first pair of shoes? Well get out the second pair cause today is going to be a throw down. Starting at 10am, Judy Duke, will be having her workshop. Come in and brush up on those dance steps. The Shag City Grill will open at 11am with Big Ron and Lulu serving you up some great bologna sandwiches and cold beer and libations to get you going. The main bar opens at noon, Heath, Terry, Debbie, Deanna, Shannon, Brenda, Pam, Shannon Rogers, the barbacks, the door people, Joy and Lulu (in the office, when not on the bar), The Big Man himself, will all being working for YOU today. We are ready for you. The question is, “Are you ready for us”? DJ Gary Bass (front room) and DJ David Harris (back room) come on at noon and play until 5pm. JIM QUICK & COASTLINE grace the stage at 1pm. Now that is a party by itself. Love me some Cuz and Company! DJ Milton White (front room) and DJ Ray Scott will be on from 5pm until 9pm and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffin (front room) and DJ Betty Brown (back room) will take the roof off starting at 9pm and playing until you can’t dance another step. Yeppers, I believe we got the bestest of the restest today. Come see us or I’m afraid you might miss something! Fat Harold’s Beach Club, the only place to be during SOS Mid-Winter Break! We’ll see you in a few hours. Signing out from the chilly swamp….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!