threestoogesThe roads are fine and everyone is working like little beavers as I write to get ready for today’s BEACH MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA! Wasn’t the snow just beautiful and melting away for another gorgeous day. The grill opens at 11am. Come grab a bite to eat before the doors open to the big room open at 12:30. Show starts at 1pm. DJ’s Ray Scott, Gary Bass and Joey Warren are your hosts for today. Many kudos to Ray Scott for taking the bull by the hoofs and making today the great success that it’s going to be. When you see him, Thank him. He has worked very, very hard on this project. The bands for today’s festivities are CWB, SEA CRUZ and JIM QUICK & COASTLINE! The cover is a $10 donation that will be given to The HALL OF FAME FOUNDATION to help out anyone who has a financial need in our huge family. Come on out and join in the fun. Afterwards the bar will remain open and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will close out the nite. Since tomorrow is a holiday let’s keep him up late. OK? We will see you shortly. Signing out from OD….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!