jeppy classNew to the beach or just been puttin’ off learnin’ our state dance, the SHAG?  Tuesdays are your chance to learn for FREE!  Thaaat’s right….FREE!  Instructor Jeppy McDowell will get your started with some history on our dance and then show you the basics.  You’ll leave ready to come back for MORE!  No more sittin’ on the sidelines watchin’ other folks havin’ FUN!  Class starts tonight @ 7, no partner required.  Club opens today at 4 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7.  After the class DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be playin’ some great beach music for your dancin’ pleasure.  Come early and meet your classmates.  North Myrtle Beach is all about shaggin’ and we want to help you join in.  Our FACEBOOK PAGE is the place to go to see what your FUN TEAM has in store.  You’ll find schedules and updates on a daily basis.  Be in the know with what’s goin’ on at the FAT MAN’S HOUSE!