We’ve got FREE Hotdogs and HOT “Shag” Music for you tonite. The music will be provided by none other than DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. Shannon and Debbie will be your servers and Doug and Shirley are in charge of Thee Dogs! Lulu will open at 11am and serve Veal Parmesan for lunch special. Hope to see some of you out and about throughout the day today. Don’t forget The Keepers of the Dance Contest, Fri. and Sat. nites. The back room will be open for those of you who do not like contests. The Band of Oz will be on stage from 2pm until 6pm on Sunday afternoon. Sorry, the back room will not be open for those of you who do not like bands. The Shag City Grill will close tonite at 6pm and Sunday at 6pm. It will be closed on these two nites for the rest of this month. That’s all for now. I must get ready to hit the road and make the doughnuts. Love YOU, MEAN it!