shag lessonsYeah, Baby!  FREE BEGINNER SHAG LESSONS tonight with Instructor Jeppy McDowell!  Can’t beat FREE!  And that also means you shouldn’t put off learnin’ our state dance, the SHAG!  Club opens today at 4 with Customer Appreciation Day from 4 to 7.  Jeppy will be on hand at 7 to give you some history on our dance and get you started with the basics.  Once you learn the basics the rest is history….like in good times and smilin’ on the dance floor.

No partner required…No pre-registration…and it’s FREE!  Did I say that already?  Come on out and join in for the beginning of lookin’ good on the dance floor!

After class DJ Jay Kinlaw will be in the booth playin’ some mighty fine music for practice and social dancin’.