Don’t let the rain stop you from coming to the beach. We have a great weekend planned and besides if you are inside of Fat Harold’s, partying, who cares what it’s doing outside. Right? Lulu opens the doors at 11am. It’s Pork Chop Day in the Shag City Grill. The Fun Team starts performing their talents around 5pm when Terry opens the main bar. She will be joined by Shannon and Debbie. Sean relieves Lulu at 6pm and Brenda opens the back room. One of our many DJ’s will be cranking it up around 7ish. Come on out for a great time tonite. Don’t forget The Castaways Saturday nite at 8pm, Jim Quick and Coastline on Sunday, at 1pm for our Pre-Super Bowl Party and then The Fatman’s Super Bowl Party. Make those plans now! The Fatman says “Hello” and you never know, he might show up for a visit this weekend. Love you, mean it!