keepers-promoWe’ll be open at 11am today! Yes, lunch will be served and then you can take a few whirls around the dance floor it there is any wood left on it. I hear they burnt it up last night! They will for sure finish if off tonite. For a seat you better get here early! Like 6 o’clock?? DJ Tommy Hamrick is playing the front room for the contest and DJ Betty “Wear them Down” Brown is in the back room. If you want to dance a few yourselves and then watch a little contest and then dance a little more, it can be done right here at Fat Harold’s! Prizes will be awarded to winners immediately after the contest. If you would like to see the recipients of former KEEPER’s inductees just go to The KEEPERS Corner, located in the back room of the club. These kids, which I can affectionately call them, cause they were some of the first Juniors to dance competively, and I just happened to be around, are our KEEPER’s of OUR Dance, THE SHAG! If you want to see some incredible dancing make sure you come out to FAT HAROLD’S tonite! This is one Contest you really don’t want to miss. See you on the dance floor a little bit later today!