david-harrisIt’s Sunday and we would like to thank everyone for coming out this weekend and supporting The Keepers Of The Dance! All of the dancers, judges, DJ’s, The Committee for Keepers and Fat Harold’s staff are to be commended on their hard work this weekend. Our faithful followers of our State Dance “The Shag” are to be given kudos also. Without all of these people our dance would die and that would be such a shame for such a beautiful thing. Thank you for not complaining, to much, about the cover charge at the door. We have to charge every once in a while to have a special event. We don’t charge very much and not very often. The Keepers appreciate it! Shagging at it’s finest was displayed on our dance floor this weekend and we are proud to be a part of it. Thanks again for your support! The club opens today at 4pm, Little Terry and DJ David Harris will be your hostess and host for the evening. Swing on by and have a cold one and dance a few tunes on the most popular dance floor on the planet. As we decide what to do today, take just a moment and say a little prayer for our friends up north. Millions are without power again and buried under one of the worst snow storms in history. They need our prayers! Signing out from the frigid swamp…..Love YOU, Mean IT! PS. Next weekend: OUR TIME and FAT HAROLD’S BEACH MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA to benefit THE HALL OF FAME FOUNDATION!