david-harrisIt’s Customer Appreciation Night and what do we always do on the Wednesday night before St. Patrick’s Day? We have Corned Beef and Cabbage in the back room. Jack is here and cooking up some great Irish Food. Don’t eat before you come cause he’s got plenty of food and he’s cooking all day long. Everybody’s welcome. When you get your belly’s full then you can dance it off to the music of DJ David Harris. Maybe Jeanette will even be here to lead you in a couple of line dances. Wednesday nites are always the nite to meet up with your bestest buddies and have some fun. Just come tonite with an empty tummy. Everyone is back to work and gearing up for a fantastic season. Come show them some love cause they have plenty stored up for you. Reminder: St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Saturday morning, 9am. The streets so might park near main street close promptly at 8:20. Get in before then. We will be here when you get here. Signing out from the swamp…Love YOU, Mean IT!