ST PATTY 2017Wow!  The media says to expect 30,000 folks in Ocean Drive tomorrow for the NMB St. Patty’s Parade and Street Festival.  Just….Wow!  Your FUN TEAM will be up with the chickens and ready to roll.  The parade starts at 9 and we’ll have our beer tent set up at the front of our parking lot with ICE COLD BEER  and smilin’ faces.  The club and Shag City Grill will open early at 10, so step in and get yourself somethin’ good to eat and a bloody mary or two.  Stick around and DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be playin’ some sweet beach music so you can dance a jig or two.  Weather’s supposed to be a big nippy but we’ll be warm inside.  Enjoy the festivities and we hope to see you at Fat Harold’s.

As for today, Club and Shag City Grill will open at 1 with Customer Appreciation FROM 4 TO 7.  Lots of shaggers and spectators on the beach for the National Shag Championships and we’re gonna stay open LATE tonight for your after party fun.  DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the Front Room and DJ Bill Harper will be in the Back Room.  We’ll have all doors open…Front, back and side….so come early and stay late.  It’ll just be a short walk from the Nationals at the OD Resort over to our side door in the parking lot located on Ocean Boulevard.  Good luck to all of the contestants this weekend! Let’s party, Baby!