It’s Sunday and time to tone it back a bit. The club is going to open at 4PM for the normal Board Meeting and then at 5PM, “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is coming in to lay you back, way back, to the days of bobbie socks and duck tails! Such fitting music for a Sunday evening. Come on, get out of that house on this cloudy day and drive down to Fat Harold’s and dance. That’s why we were born wasn’t it? To Dance! Sorry about last Sunday. The time was changed and I didn’t know it. Guilty as charged for not asking to make sure! We are starting to gear up for SOS but we have to get through Easter first. Boom, boom, boom, every which way you turn there is something else going on. Check out our calendar of events for SOS. I finally got it to work out right on the website yesterday. Before I’m finished I’ll be a bona fide webmaster. lol Learn as you go, you know, just like shagging. Learn as you go, throw a step here and a step there and if it doesn’t work, start over. Frustrating for sure, but very valuable learning experiences. I’m a Tar Heel fan but one of my favorite sayings was when Coach Jimmy V said, “Never, never, never GIVE UP”. I don’t, we don’t, we won’t. Speaking of the Tar Heels, they play Kansas at 5:15pm this afternoon. You could always come by and have a couple of dozen beers for me. I will not be there cause I will be under my couch at home catching glimpses of the game!!! Until tomorrow my friends, signing out from the cloudy, damp, foggy swamp…Love You, Mean IT!