Yeppers, it’s time to feast on Doug and Shirley’s fantastic FREE Hotdogs tonite around 7ish! The club will open today at 11am and Lulu will be back to cook you some good grub! Today’s Special: Roast Beef, rice and gravy, baby limas, rolls tea or soda! $6.50 for all of this food, wow! Customer Appreciation Day starts at 4pm and lasts until 7pm! Shannon, Debbie and Sean will be your servers this evening and DJ Milton “The Shadow” White will play all of your favorites. Come Dance, Eat, Drink and be Merry! Have a most wonderful day and we are looking for U! Love You, MEAN it! PS- Looking into my crystal ball I see a Parade, St. Paddy’s Day, I do believe on Saturday and OMG, It’s SEA CRUZ on stage at Fat Harold’s on Sunday!