david-harrisGood Morning Ocean Drive (and the rest of the planet)! Is everybody ready for the WEEKEND? We are here at Fat Harold’s. The party will get started today at 4pm with our Daily Board Meeting (aka Customer Appreciation Day). Come and have a brew and catch the ACC Tournament on one of our TV’s! Tonite is one of the best nights of the week when everybody comes out to Dance, Dance, Dance! The girls will be ready to fix up some libations and a cheeseburger or twelve. Our DJ for this evening is David “Hey Boy” Harris who will play anything you ask him to play. All of you who took Line Dance Lessons last night come on out and practice some of your new moves. Let’s Party til the Lights Go OUT! For those of you who haven’t purchased Fat Harold’s Book make sure you pick up one. He will be at the club all afternoon on Saturday to sign them. Don’t forget The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the morning at 9am. We will open at 9am for your convenience! Bloody Mary’s will start at 10am. Ronnie and Lulu will take care of you all day and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing music all day long, so make sure you come to Fat Harold’s. The streets leading to Main will be blocked off at 8:20am, so if you want a parking place near the club be here before then. The police will NOT let you in after 8:20. Look forward to seeing you this weekend.