Are you ready for the weekend? We are. And guess who is home! FAT HAROLD!!! He stopped by the club to say “HEY” yesterday and he looks so good. I don’t know who was happier, him or us. Can’t wait till he’s sitting in that BIG CHAIR again, which will be soon I hope. Lunch with Lulu starts at 11am. There’s a little change up in the menu today. CHANGE is yummy! Pork Chops, pintos, collards and cornbread! Lulu just really feels the need to express her SOUTHERN HERITAGE today! Customer Appreciation Day aka “The Bored Meeting” starts at 4pm until 7pm. The Fun Team comes on board starting at 5 o’clock somewhere to bring to you one GREAT dancing and drinking experience this evening. DJ Gary “Jerry Franklin” Bass will throw down in the booth tonite. Come hear him. It’s far and few between that we get to hear the Booth Boss play his wonderful music. It’s gonna be a good day! Don’t forget the St. Patty’s Day Parade in the morning at 9am. We will open our doors at 10am and them it’s ON! Good luck to all of our friends dancing in The Nationals! Just remember you are all winners in our hearts. Time to start the day! Later!