The most fun day of the week for most is Saturday, right? Where can you have the most fun? The beach…Fat Harold’s…dancing until your legs want to fall off to the music of DJ Jimmy Buffkin! Ok now that I put that picture in your brain, get yourselves ready and head on out, straight to the beach. Have some lunch with Lulu, practice your steps, drink some brewsky, take a nap, do the triple S’s and get ready for that big night of Dancing and romancing! We have some exciting things in the works for the future at Fat Harold’s so hang around or you might miss them. Shannon and Joy or working very hard to make things more……interesting!!! Today’s Special: Fish Sandwiches with chips or Macaroni Salad, tea or soda. Come and get it! Love YOU, Mean IT! P.S. The club will open at 4pm on Sunday. CWB is at HOTO’s. It’s the first Sunday of The Summer Concert Series! Be there.