jimmy-buffkinIt’s Saturday, again! Where in the world is time going? I know. It is ready for SOS, yes, SOS! It’s right around the corner but first we have to survive the St. Patty’s Day explosion and Easter Weekend. Can you believe the first day of Spring is in 10 days? Really, time flys when you are having fun and speaking of FUN, you need to join us tonite on the dance floor as DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin rules the roost in the DJ Booth. If he don’t have the song you want to hear, they just don’t make it! The club will open as usual at 4pm for The Board Meeting. Come join in the fun tonite at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. You haven’t been to the beach until you’ve been to Fat Harold’s. There might even be a Fat Man siting tonite???? Signing out from the swamp….Love YOU, Mean IT!