Friday nights have always been the night that all of the locals come out and take their weekly frustrations out on the dance floor and tonite shouldn’t be any different. Just get on the phone and call up everybody you know cause we are having a PARTY…an old fashion DANCE PARTY and DJ Lanny Elmore is in “The Booth”! Let’s keep that floor packed and bartenders “Happy”! If you know what I mean….hehehehe! The club will open at 11am and it’s Friday so you know that means PORK CHOPS. A truely Southern meal, made by a truely Southern Girl! Come and get your bellies full! So there is no reason why you shouldn’t add Fat Harold’s to your agenda today. Don’t forget to wear green tomorrow or you might get your butt pinched. If you are planning on parking in Fat Harold’s Parking Lot tomorrow you better get up with the chickens cause you will not be able to get to us after 8pm unless you are on foot (or that’s what we heard yesterday). It’s St. Patty’s day tomorrow and we would love to feed you, fill you full of great libations and then call you a cab! Just a suggestion! Look forward to seeing you, be safe in your travels, if you find that “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow come and share and as always “LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!