st. pattyBig day on Main Street! City of NMB St. Patty Parade starts at 9 this mornin‘! Main Street will be closed to traffic all day so you can walk the streets and enjoy the Street Festival from 11 to 4. Wear your green and come on downtown early for the festivities! Fat Harold’s leprechauns will have our BEER TENT by the street set up in the front parkin’ lot. Stop by and say hey…and grab you a COLD BEER…or four! Club will open up at 10 this mornin’ so come on in and rest your feet, get somethin’ refreshin’ to drink and fill your belly at the SHAG CITY GRILL. DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin will hit the DJ booth at 11 AM and play ALL AFTERNOON…so you can also get your JIG on! It’s gonna be a FUN DAY at FAT HAROLD’s and we’re lookin’ forward to seein’ your smilin’ faces! All bars will be open and you can pinch any of your FUN TEAM that don’t have any green on! As usual…Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Tonight at 7 we have DJ Kitty Earles in the FRONT ROOM with a great mix of old and new shaggin’ tunes. DJ Bill “Mr. Smoothie” Harper will be holdin’ down the back room with Mama Brenda with nothin’ but the OLD MUSIC. We plan on bein’ open late so the folks attendin’ the Shag Nationals can come in when they’re through and throw down some boogie. Let’s see if you can wear us down…we’re ready for ‘ya! KILTS WELCOME!