ST. PADDYLet the festivities begin!  Gonna be a BIG day in OD and we’re ready to party!  Fat Harold’s Beach Club opens early and we’ll be representin’ at the big parade with a beer cart in the the parkin’ lot.  Miss Lulu will be presidin’ over the cold beer outside so stop by and get you one.

Club will be open, so step inside for somethin’ good to eat at the Shag City Grill.  At 11 DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in booth playin’ plenty of beach music to get your jig on with.

Later this evenin’, DJ Jay Kinlaw will take over and throw out some of his tunes for your good times.  Be sure to wear your green so you won’t get pinched!

Good times for sure today and tonight.  Come on out and get you some!