shag dancersMonday again! Wow, where does time go? Come and spend you afternoon with Mama Brenda at the Board Meeting. She will get her up and going around 4pm and then it’s chatter about the weekend and poppin some brews until 7pm when Judy Duke hits the floor. Judy teaches all phases of the shag. If you can’t shag, she can teach you. If you know just a little she can teach you more and if you know it all, well let’s just say, she can straighten you out! DJ Milton White will be in the DJ booth helping with Judy’s classes and will stay there until you leave. He plays some real good music, so hang around for a little while. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Easter weekend is rapidly approaching us and that means TRAFFIC. Please be careful and watch out for the other people cause they probably don’t even see you if they see the sign 3 T-shirts for $10 on Hwy. 17. They are just going to kick it in reverse and run all over you. Don’t forget what Easter really means but have a good time! We will be looking for you. Signing out from the swamp…Love YOU, Mean IT!