As I was leaving Fat Harold’s yesterday, I noticed these 3 spring breakers opening the doors to the club. They peeked in the door and stood there for a moment, closed the doors and started dying laughing. Wonder what was so funny? The Fantastic music that we play? The rare decor that could never be duplicated? Or, the people that they ARE going to turn in to one day? If they only knew what fun “The Shag” and “The Shag Family” can be. Just sayin….. The Club opens today at 11am. Lunch with LULU: Pork Chops today, grilled only, smashed potatoes w/gravy, steamed cabbage, cornbread and tea or soda! Come chow down with us! The Fun Team, led by Shannon, takes it over a little bit later joined by DJ Joey Warren in the booth. OH WHAT A NIGHT is in the making. It’s going to be too much fun. OD SHAG CLUB Chili Cook-Off TOMORROW evening!!! Hope you have a great day and we’ll see you in a little while! Later.