st-pattysTop of the morning to ya! Come on down to Fat Harold’s and watch the parade. You can come in get you something to drink and eat and dance the afternoon away if you like. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be providing the tunes for the day and DJ Randall Hight will be in the front room at 8pm and Mrs. Beach Music herself, Betty Brown will be in the back room from 8 until midnite. The grill will open early for coffee and sodas and then at 10am we will start the Bloody Mary’s rolling. Ronnie and Lulu are in the grill and Heath, Deanna and Shannon will be on Main. Fat Harold will be there too! He’s getting up early and He’s riding in with us. Make sure you come by and say “hey” and if you don’t have his book yet, this would be a great opportunity to buy it and have him sign it! Signing out from the swamp…Love YOU, Mean It! PS. You better wear something green or we’ll pinch you.