The club opens today (Sat.) at 11am. Lulu has whipped up some of her Chicken Salad for sandwiches for the lunch special and will be served with Chips, pickle and tea or soda! All of the bars will be open today and The Groovin Band will be on stage for the first time at 1pm. Come and help us Welcome them to Fat Harold’s Beach Club. DJ’s will be in the back room and for the rest of the day until closing in both the front room and back. Shannon, Debbie, Terry, Brenda and the rest of the crew will be ready for you tonite! We would like to congratulate our own DJ Lanny Elmore for his induction into the DJ Hall of Fame! Way to go Lanny! Also while I have your attention, let’s have a moment of silence for the thousands of tornado victims. Prayers do work miracles and Lord they need them today. Be safe in your travels, tell somebody you love them, have a wonderful day and as always Love YOU, Mean IT! PS. TOO MUCH SYLVIA tomorrow!