friday 1Seems like we’ve been partyin’ all week..and now the weekend’s here and it’s time to get serious! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1…Come on in and get a late lunch..One of our famous balogna sammiches maybe? Your FUN TEAM will serve up Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Tonight we have both rooms open with DJ Milton White in the FRONT ROOM and DJ Jerry Burrage in the BACK ROOM startin’ at 7. We’ll keep the music goin’ as long as YOU keep goin’! Saturday night we’ll have DJ Gary Bass in the FRONT ROOM booth AND DJ Lanny Elmore in the BACK ROOM booth. We’ve got nothin’ but the old music in the BACK ROOM so you can pick and choose what you can use! Come home to FAT HAROLD’s this weekend..We’ll have the light on for ‘ya!